The One with Lucky Knight Owl

Friday, September 18, 2009

My little sister never ceases to amaze me.

For example - she just started her own etsy shop called Lucky Knight Owl, cool name huh? It's She finds bottle caps and turns them into necklaces. I believe some of them are even from her trip here to LA. She strings them together with beaded chain and voilà - instant coolness!
Plus she's got that knack for turning her photos vintage - it's the thing to do to get your items sold.

Which one should I buy? They're all so stellar.Here's the back, which I find just as interesting as the front, so it's like a reversible necklace. Score!
I'd like to end with a big fat congrats to you Allie on getting the job as the patterned paper specialist at Ben Franklin, you're following me in my footsteps and I couldn't be prouder :)


  1. Thanks Paige!! I'm actually making some necklaces right now. Someone bought my first necklace on Etsy yesterday I sent it this morning!

    I hope everyone likes my necklaces!

  2. those are way cute...your sis is talented!

  3. those are very very nice just amazing .. love those .. gonna have to check out her Etsy

  4. Neato!! She *is* super talented! Did you decide which one to get yet? I think I like the last one best. But then again... I don't ever wear necklaces, so I don't know about decisions like this. But... the last one is the one I'd like to *see* most! ;) HA!


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