The One with the Sunday Drive

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Random intro: literally 10 minutes after I said to Chris, "I wish I could just see one of the Pasadena parrots," we stepped outside and a whole flock of them flew into the tree right in front of us. So I finally got to see them up close and personal rather than just hear them squawking by.
See if you can find all three (at least!) parrots in this tree. They sure do blend in well.Anyways, after our encounter with the birds, with nothing but a map in hand we took a Sunday evening drive to see if we could find some of the ginormous houses me and my mom saw while we were apartment hunting in June.
We trudged along and saw some amazing views of the valley.
Somehow we ended up at the Rose Bowl! Seriously, we were just driving along and we looked up and there it was. Random! We weren't following signs or anything. Whelp, now we know where it is!Happy Sabbath!


  1. Looks like a fun last couple of days!!! Exploring is always too!! : )

  2. ohhhh these pictures kill me. but i love them.

  3. Those parrots are a riot! It's like looking for Waldo.


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