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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

October is by far, hands down, no questions asked, my favorite month of the year. Candy, Halloween, cute kids in costumes, scary movies, what's not to love? I watch one scary movie every day of October. My absolute favorite Halloween-y movies are:

Hocus Pocus
CasperMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's Double Double Toil and Trouble
(Yes, I'm 5 and I'm proud of it)Rose Red
The Nightmare Before Christmas
(watchable in October AND December)
Plus many other classics like Poltergeist, Misery, The Haunting, E.T., The Shining, etc. I heart scary movies.

But anyways, what sparked all of this October-lovin' is this Martha Stewart craft project I stumbled upon:
Sugar pumpkins decorated with candy and used as jar toppers!!! Cute, functional, festive, edible = I'm so making these. Find the instructions and a video by clicking here. Or stop by my place around noon on October 7th :)


  1. We watch Casper all year round, but I think that I might have Van watch Hocus Pocus...I can't even remember that movie that well, but I am sure that she will LOVE IT!

  2. hocus pocus is one of my fave movies EVER, not just halloween. it's just so freaking quotable. "we desire...children." "well, might take me a couple tries, but i think i can help ya out." LOL.

    and i've seen all those other movies except rose red. you have good taste :)

  3. casper and hocus pocus just happen to be lily's favorite movies. she loves scary ones. but her all time fav is nightmare before Christmas. do ya know it comes out in 3D soon? im totally taking her. i love scary movies too. the total gorey gross out ones. i just recently watched 30 days of night. ever seen it?? freaky!

  4. I love Hocus Pocus! I rented it from the library the other day but it was all scratched. :( Still need to get it on Dvd. I own nightmare before christmas though. I also love rose red, though its kinda scary.

  5. Up until the middle of your 6th grade, we lived in the world's best neighborhood for trick'o'treating. You always had great costumes, but seemed to get sick on every Halloween. I wanted to trick'o'treat with you and Eric until your bags weighed 15 lbs but you guys always ran out of steam. Remember the one where Eric stayed on the sidewalk and you went up to the door? If there were no dogs, Eric would run up to the door, otherwise he'd hang back on the sidewalk.

  6. Can we talk about how I have been plotting out my Halloween decorations since August??? I am SOOOO excited for Halloween, you have no idea. I have so many ideas I could just die!

  7. Ok, can we talk about how I have been plotting out my Halloween decorations since August??? I am so excited this year to decorate! I have no idea why but maybe having a house or something makes it extra exciting! Seriously, I have been looking at Martha all the time to get ideas... the one you posted is darling! I thought about you today when I went to Ben Franklin to get some scrapbooking paper :)

  8. (Whoops, I didn't realized that your comments had to be approved so I wrote another one... haha)


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