The One with the Biggest Pro

Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's the biggest pro of living in California? Disneyland. It only took a half hour to get from here to there! Awwwwwj yeah. We are happy campers.This was the first time Chris and I have been to Disneyland together.
It was nice and overcast when we arrived at 8 o'clock on the dot. First stop: Indiana Jones. Except it was closed. So we went on Pirates of the Caribbean then on the Jungle Cruise. Then Indiana Jones was open. That's my favorite ride. No saving best for last here, we start off with a bang!
Next stop: Haunted Mansion. Except it was closed too. However, now that we're SoCal residents we got season passes so we can come back whenever we darn well please! I can't WAIT to see how this ride is all decked out with Nightmare Before Christmas stuff.
Next stop: Splash Mountain. The sun was coming out so we figured we could stand to get a little wet. Here's Chris looking mighty excited!
I get so anxious going up the final slope before the big drop.
Here's me holding on for dear life and screaming at the top of my lungs and there's Chris acting like an 8 year old, arms flailing in the wind and all.
It's the "off season" right now since school is in session. The longest we had to wait in line? About 10 minutes.
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad gets more fun every time I ride it.
A cool painted wall showcasing a ride I've still never been on.
We headed over to California Adventure after we were denied going on Space Mountain. First stop: Tower of Terror.
We got a big loaf of delicious sourdough bread for lunch and watched this cat roam around. I wonder how it got in...Last ride of the day: California Screamin'.
We were only there from 8-12 but felt sufficiently adrenaline pumped. We can't wait to go back. Cuz we can. Cuz Disneyland is practically in our backyard. Tee hee!


  1. So jel! That is so fun that it was your first time going together. The resident pass is the best. You just go whenever you want!

  2. fun! i'm glad you guys got season passes. my favorite ride in CA adventure is soaring over favorite thing about disneyland is the dole whips in adventureland :)

  3. love the pics. we are going in October! cant wait for all the Halloween decor. the haunted mansion is the best. they are also re-doing space not sure how they will spook it up. im so excited!


  5. You know... I miss Disneyland the most. THAT is what makes me still want to live in Orange County. LOL. It really is my favorite place in the world. It really was my home away from home when I was growing up. It makes me feel SO good. :) I know it makes everyone feel good, but with me... it's different. Really. :-) I miss being a Cast Member too. Working for Disney was the best. Okay, almost as cool as working for The Container Store. :-D

    LOVED these photos. Thank you. I'll be living vicariously through you. :-) And when I come there for CHA, you wanna go?! It will be spectacular! :D


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