The One with Paige = The New Pam Beasley

Monday, October 5, 2009

I started a new job today. I'm thankful to have even found a job in California. The 12% and growing unemployment rate is no joke. I think I applied to at least 15 different places ranging from Costco to a high school art teacher to a handbag designer. I heard back from zero of them. Then I applied to Target as a fallback option. They denied me! And I've even worked there before! Not gonna lie though, I probably could have called the places I applied to and pushed a little harder, but it's been sooooo nice relaxing at home all day every day... It was good while it lasted. Aaaand it's not like I haven't been doing anything, I still work from home doing Scrapbook Trends stuff.

A few weeks ago the Relief Society President came over to introduce herself and asked if I had a job. Nope, but I'm looking. She knew of something part time and I said perfect. I didn't hear anything between the time she visited until last Friday when I got a phone call for an interview that same morning. A few hours later, I found myself (gratefully) employed. It all happened so fast! I am now the afternoon shift Pam Beasley (in case you don't watch The Office, that means I'm the receptionist) of RBJ software. Not telling you which branch though cuz I don't want no stalkers :)

Here are my legs in the car on the way to my first day of work.One wall of my "office" is completely made of windows. I get to see pretty views and people watch!My shared desk. So reminds me of The Office.
I answer phones and try and decipher what the person on the other end is saying to me. I make hasty notes and transfer the call to the correct person.Plus I get to watch the sun set M-F."Thank you for calling RBJ Software, this is Paige, how may I help you?"
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