The One with Merrilee Liddiard/Tuesday Mourning

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I met an extremely talented, accomplished, stylish (I could go on) young lady tonight. Her name is Merrilee Liddiard/Tuesday Mourning. She's an artist. A real live legitimate artist. It was Enrichment with the Relief Society tonight (although I don't think it's called Enrichment anymore) with a "get to know you" theme. We drew numbers which designated which table we sat at and I just so happened to sit next to this artiste. We got to talking and the more she spoke the more I was entranced. She's been all over the place! Knoxville, New York, Hawaii, now LA.

Where to begin?

She is a professional illustrator and one of her most recent works is Princess Peepers. She illustrated this whole book! I mean, how cool is that?You can see a few of the inside pages on Amazon. I flipped through the book tonight and was super impressed. The things she can do with Photoshop is amazing.

She has an awesome etsy site where she sells prints and other fabulous things.She has two great blogs. Numero uno. Numero dos. So much inspiration to be found on them there blogs.

She's got this super cute website thing where you can see what Ellery will be for Halloween.
Click here to try.
I could go on and on and on! I'm pretty much overwhelmed with all of her talent. I'm so glad we're in the same ward so I can get to know her better!


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