The One with Chandler-Wandler

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My bunny-wunny is the cutest!
That's all :)


  1. oooooohhhh! i love your bunny. i have been wanting one for a long time. they are SO adorable!

  2. That bunny cracks me up! He's so big and fluffy.

  3. Oh!!! Adorable!! I miss my bunnies!!! And my guinea pig. :-( Alas, I became TERRIBLY allergic. :-( My bunny Blossom gave birth to Sadie (Sadie's four siblings died), and she was my BABY through junior high. LOVED.HER. She was SO spoiled! LOL.

    When I was like... Mmmm... 20, I think.... I found a turtle in my MIL's backyard. I took him to the pet store to get him a cage, and they LOVED him. They told me that if I gave them the turtle, they'd give me anything I wanted in the store. LOL. So I fell in love with an adorable baby guinea pig (Cody), and got a cage for him too! For free!

    Cody was AWESOME... until my little cousin dropped him. Then he became a little nipper because he was PETRIFIED of being dropped again. But we built him a castle, and he loved it. He went to a very good home when I could no longer keep him. I think I may need to blog about him now... :-)

  4. at a first glance I thought... "Holy geez that's a huge guinea pig!!" sooooooooo cute!! I would get one myself, but I think the dog would try to get at it.. : )


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