The One with Mall Withdrawals

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Saturday my friend Erica and I had a girl's night out - no husbands, no babies, or in my case, no birds, cats, rabbits, or chinchillas (and soon to be dog :) She heard there was a mall (mall!? That's the magic word!) in Glendale with fountains, I said cool, we googled it, found it, and went to it.I hadn't been to a mall in over a month! Who am I and what did I do with Paige? It was fun shopping, browsing, and eating a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Apple Pie caramel apple. I'm so glad I know where a mall is now, I'd been having major withdrawals.


  1. lol you poor mall?? haha. there is one much closer -- look up the santa anita mall right off the 210 at baldwin. [but the americana is good...and right across the street from another mall, glendale galleria] and lots of good mall-ish type stores are on colorado blvd right in town. but unfortunately there are no forever young shoes :( another score for utah ;)

  2. Sooo much fun! We're going to have to go again soon!!

  3. that IS one of the coolest malls near us. there's also santa anita and the paseo mall! :) outdoor malls for our october fall weather :)


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