The One with the Best Halloween Ever!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Today was a good day. Probably the best Halloween I've ever had. Why you ask? Cuz I got a puppy :) We picked Joey up from the breeder's promptly at noon. (FYI - the breeder's name is Leslie Ann Engen and her kennel is called San Jo, just in case you want one :)
Everyone took turns holding him; he's simply irresistible.
We even stopped off at Ben Franklin where Allie was working her regular Saturday shift so she could say hello and goodbye.
He's going to be so red, I'm so glad.
Isn't this face precious? "My precious."
He was such an angel the entire six hour trip from Redmond, WA to South Pasadena, CA. He never barked or whimpered or cried. He either slept peacefully in his crate or sat there patiently while he was transported across the western coast of the United States. What a good little boy.
Bye bye Seattle!
Hello LA!
It seems he has already adjusted to life at the Evans'. He relieved himself immediately when we set him on the grass. He ran in and started eating Rachel's food which meant he was hungry so we promptly gave him his own puppy chow. He went to the bathroom again outside. Then he played with his new toys and followed us around.
Jadis is very curious about this new being in his presence. Rachel isn't too impressed, but she'll get better over time.
Now, out of all the comfy places he could be sleeping, he's crashed in the middle of the wooden floor.
Happy Halloween 2009! Hopefully next year I'll get to participate in the trick-or-treating aspect of the holiday. But this isn't too bad either :)

PS - I'll be drawing the winner of the 500th post giveaway tonight and will be posting the results first thing mañana! Good luck!


  1. Yay! So happy he's home with you now! What a cutie pie! ;)

  2. Joey is adorable! Congrats on the new arrival! =) Happy Halloween too!

  3. I think maybe these photos have converted me into a dog person. I wonder what my cats would do if I brought a pup like Joey home?

    The last photo of him on the floor sleeping is the cutest. You keep outdoing your cute photos every single day, I love it!

  4. Oh, Paige! I am so happy for you! What darling little beings you have!

  5. Hooray!!! Welcome, Joey! You are SO cute!! :D Can't wait to see lots of photos and layouts about Joey! He's adorable! :D

  6. omg i love him! he is a fluff ball! adorableness! London would eat him up! enjoy his love!


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