The One with Our Shiba Inu?

Friday, October 2, 2009

One of these puppies could very well be ours at the end of the month! (They get cuter as they age, I promise.)Last year Chris and I were at a pet store in Orem, UT. We were looking at the puppies and came across a breed that we had never heard of before: Shiba Inu. We fell in love. I mean, we fell in love with the puppies. We, Chris and Paige, were already in love. Right. So, we had been trying to decide on what kind of dog we wanted for a long time. I always wanted something small and cuddly: Pomeranian, Yorkie, Pekingese, etc. while Chris was holding out for a Poodle. When we both agreed that Shiba Inus are awesome, I started looking around for breeders. The closest one I could find just so happens to live less than one mile from my parent's house in Redmond, WA. When we went out there for Thanksgiving we met with the breeder and saw her dogs. We left a deposit which put us on "the list." We've been communicating back and forth for a year about her available puppies, but Chris and I never felt right about getting one at such an uncertain time in our lives. We didn't know where we'd be living or if we'd have room/time/money, etc. But we're feeling pretty confident in all of the above now so bring on the puppy!
Here's a slightly older litter that will be ready to go in two weeks. See, cuter already.
We're just waiting to see if the male of the litter will be a healthy little guy, then we can seal the deal. We can't wait to get our little Joey! Tee hee!


  1. omg those are ADORABLE! yay puppies!

  2. Chris' comment made me LOL! Tee hee.

    Oh, but I laughed even HARDER at the "in love" comment. Too funny.

    CUTE puppies! I think I told you that I used to babysit for a Shiba Inu all day. Satan... errr... I mean, Rocky was kind of a pain because he was neglected by his owner (when *I* wasn't babysitting), so I HOPE Joey is totally sweet and wonderful for you! I know you'll love his little tail off. They really are SUCH cute dogs! And LOYAL and SMART! :-)

  3. Ohhhhh!! Can't wait to read about your puppy adventures!! Rufus was a handful, but we wouldn't have had it any other way!! : )


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