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Sunday, October 18, 2009

My friend Katie Clem spotlighted me on her blog today. But her blog is private so I'ma copyin'n'pastin' it here.

(This is the picture she used of me. My hair is much much shorter now and the blonde streak has grown out :)"Today's spotlight is my friend Paige. I actually call her Peggy...dont ask me why. Anyway, we met back in 2003 working at Pebbles in My Pocket. We lost touch for many years until she started working with my BFF Marlene over at American Crafts. Peggy is super awesome. We had a lot of fun working at Pebbles amongst all the scapbooking stuff. She really is the coolest girl! She also wins THE BEST BLOG AWARD. She blogs about the most interesting/random things. She has inspired my blogging and my photography on many levels. She is super talented! The pictures with the ballons? Fantastic Peggy! I think she can make just about anything! She is a lover of animals and her husband Chris and has a million movies. She has been to Forks for the Twilight Tour! LOVE IT. Thank heavens for her blog because she recently moved to Cali. I check it pretty much everyday...Here is Paige/Peggy in a nutshell.

Paige Taylor Evans

Born: May 28th 1985 in good ol' Provo, UT

Artsty fartsy things like scrapbooking, photography, crafts, painting, drawing, bookbinding, etc. If you can make it, I love it.

Dislikes: Vegetables. Dishes in the sink. Dirty floors.

Its Friday night, what are you up to?: Probably at a movie with my husband Chris and eating candy.

Favorite food: Pot roast. Now that I have conquered my Crock-Pot I can officially say I make a mean roast.

Favorite book:
The Twilight series. Duh.

Favorite color:
Today it's mustard yellow. Tomorrow I'm thinking a chartreuse green.

Favorite candy: Haribo gummy bears. Anything by Haribo really.

Favorite drink:

3 things you never leave the house without: Clothes. Camera. Credit card.

Favorite movie quote: Lovin' life, lovin' you. -Chuck on Elizabethtown

Favorite Disneyland ride: California Screamin' and Indiana Jones.

Favorite road trip treat:
Corn nuts. Chile picante style please.

Best childhood memory: Road trippin' with my fam and seeing brown-tailed ground squirrels.

Biggest fear: Dying in a plane crash.

Favorite band/musician: Linkin Park. Followed very very closely by Chevelle.

Biggest secret:
I've contemplated getting my tragus (it's part of the ear) pierced for a long time, but I probably never will cuz it's bad.

Favorite movie character:
Keri Russell on Waitress.

Biggest gross out: Road kill.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Good question. Hopefully living in a house in Washington or Colorado with our zoo of pets and sons Fox Thomas and Skandar James and a no-name girl (cuz for the life of us we can't agree on a girl name).

Words to live by:
Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Thanks for the spotlight Katie!

PS - I've been working on something so fun all day long. I can't wait to share hopefully tomorrow. Let's just say, it's been way too long since I've used Illustrator!


  1. I am seriously having a little giggle here at the computer. The ONLY thing that I really crave on a regular basis is ANYTHING Haribo!! They have a different taste and texture. Now I sound like a fruit loop.

    Okay, and I want your hair in that picture too!

  2. Cute! you inspired me, so yesterday I made carrots, onions and potatoes in our crock pot. (since we don't eat meat) turned out yummy! I have my tragus pierced. A long with a few other piercing, its my favorite. I've had it since I was 16.

  3. *If* you can remember where you saw those brown-tailed ground squirrels, you're a total genius.

  4. Ummmmm.....some airplane museum in Arizona???? It was a super hot day and Allie's cheeks turned bright red.

  5. Here's a girl name: CAROLYN. Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

  6. Loved this! Always love learning new things about you. Pot roast is my favorite dinner too! YAY for pot roast. Yummm. :) And Haribo gummy bears are also MY favorite candy (okay, but they're tied with dark chocolate)! It's so horrible, both Jeremy and I (with our own bags) can eat a WHOLE bag (like... 7 servings... LOL) in one sitting. Horrible! But we LOVE doing this. :D


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