The One with the Eve Before All Hallow's Eve

Friday, October 30, 2009

This morning I created a post for the CARDS blog while I waited for Allie to get back from school. Then we went to the Shiba breeder and I got to see Joey and watch how to give him a bath, trim his toenails, and basically keep him healthy. As we were inside filling out some paperwork I glanced outside and watched him sitting right next to his mom. He loves her so much. I feel bad taking him away from his mom and two sisters. I know it's the law of the jungle, but still. Such is the life of a dog I guess. I hope he likes me. It still feels like he's the breeder's dog ya know, not my dog. Maybe when I finally get him home to South Pas tomorrow and get him settled in he'll feel like ours. No pictures of him today, I was busy following the breeder around and taking mental notes. But don't you worry, I have an inkling there will be plenty to follow :)

After the breeder session we went to the Halloween party at Google. Fun fun fun.
The food was good, the cupcakes were delicious, and our costumes were slammin'.
I cut the top off a pumpkin, gutted it out and then I ditched it. I wonder if anybody carved it, after all, the hard part was done.
Allie got a fun caricature made.
Then we went over to the Rands' house for another Halloween shin-dig. I love their chandelier.
It was fun to see everyone dressed up, conversing, and having a good time.
My sister "couldn't wear the same costume to another ward party" so she dressed up as a hippie. I mean an Indian. I mean a Native American.
I feel like Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right after she chews the forbidden gum in this suit... Anybody who can make this look good, props to you!
By the way, I'm getting a puppy tomorrow. Heeee!


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