The One with Recognize This Guy?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris emailed a link the other day with the subject line: recognize this guy? So I clicked on the link and lo and behold, here is what I saw:

White Coat Ceremony Honors New Students
By Beth Dunham

fighton_whitecoat09The USC School of Dentistry welcomed future dentists and dental hygienists to the profession during its 2009 White Coat Ceremony on August 28.

Avishai Sadan, Dean of the School of Dentistry, told students that dental school is a challenging but opportunity-rich experience.

“Make no mistake; dental school is an intense experience,” Sadan said. “The rewards, however, are immense; the public has long viewed dentists and dental hygienists as some of the most trustworthy and respected professionals.”

Sadan spoke of the various paths that dentists and dental hygienists can take, from clinical practice and community outreach to research and leadership roles within the profession.

“When it comes to career choices, the beauty of dentistry that it’s never all or none,” he said. “You can combine any of the aforementioned fields to create a unique career path that will make your journey on earth a meaningful one.”

He also emphasized the solemn vow that donning the white coat symbolizes.

That's a picture of my Chris and fellow-friend Ryan Malan! The funny thing is, I know who he's looking at and making that silly face to (ME!) because I have the same picture, except it's from my angle (and it's a lot less colorful and way more blurry...), see:

Chris is like totally famous cuz his picture was on the USC website :)


  1. That's cool you got the same peace-sign shot from different angles. Isn't that a movie plot? Can I borrow his lab coat and sew on a Dharm patch for my Halloween costume? What is Chris learning in the first few months of dental school?

  2. I'm doing the USC "V for Victory" thing they always do around here. Maybe that's why they liked it.

  3. Oh, I LOVE that you have both views of that photo now! TOO cool!! And yay for being famous! LOL.


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