The One with the Blogger Award

Thursday, October 8, 2009

We know a family in the Denver area, the Cox's, they have a fabulous blog: The Cool Cox Clan. I admire people who can write and make me laugh. Gina is one of those people. She so generously awarded us this Kreative Blogger Award. Super duper cute.
Along with the award comes these stipulations:

- Pick up your award - check, there it is up above, so pretty.
- Link the original giver in your post - check, but here it is again
- Regift the award to seven blogs along with their links:

1) Andi

(How to choose, how to choose? I literally just went down my Google Reader and picked the first 7 people I know (ladies first). So thank your parents if they named you with a letter close to the beginning of the alphabet :)

- Notify your friends that they are winner - Um. I might be too lazy to do this. Chris, you've got that :)
- Lastly, tell us seven things we don't know about you! - I've divulged too much about myself over the years. Chris' turn! Let's see...7 things people don't know about him...
1) Chris is like Belle on Beauty and the Beast: his nose is ALWAYS in a book. Whether it's for school or pleasure, I mostly see the top of his forehead. Good thing it's good lookin' forehead. He even has his own blog where he writes book reviews: [Open Book]
2) He is very meticulous about the way his laundry is folded. Therefore, he folds his own laundry and I fold my own. Well. Let's be honest. He usually folds all of the laundry. I've got him trained well.
3) Chris makes a mean Mac and Cheese. Straight from the box.
4) He has never been in a car accident. (I've been in three, in case you were wondering. But he has been pulled over and I never have.)
5) Chris served a two year mission for the church in the Philippines on the island of Leyte. He learned Cebuano at the Missionary Training Center, but when he got to the Philippines they told him he was speaking Waray Waray (say what?). He keeps up with both languages and still talks to his buddy Carlos in Waray Waray. It all sounds like monkey talk to me!
6) Chris is very self motivated and can do anything he sets his mind on.
7) He wears Chuck Taylors/Converse 9 out of 10 days.


  1. haha you make me laugh -- "monkey talk." b makes great mac & cheese from the box too :)

  2. Ambot ha imo! Maoraog mga angoy na lang?

    Now how could anyone think that is monkey talk? :)

  3. Wow! I feel honored. I certainly don't consider my blog too creative, but here's to having a name that starts with an A!

  4. MAN! And I had to be an "R"! And to think... I may have been Andrea! Ah well.

    Cool to know more things about Chris. And you've never been pulled over?! Wow! Unfortunately, I have, but they were never REALLY my fault. How about... I've been pulled over like... five times and have never paid a dime! That's gotta count for something, right?! ;-) Not to mention... I can cry on cue... :-D HA! LOL.


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