The One with October Layouts

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

These are my two monthly layouts for the American Crafts Contributing Design Team:

A Little Bit Hippie
When I went to Washington in July to welcome my brother back from his mission, I noticed Allie had beads in her hair so of course I wanted some too. We had fun picking them out at the "BF" (aka Ben Franklin. When I worked at Yesterdays Scrapbooking and Stuff we always had to refer people to the BF for things we didn't carry. The BF is still in business, Yesterdays is not, sadly). The beads didn't last long in my hair, I couldn't sleep with them...but they were cool while they lasted!

Lake Sammamish
Also in Washington in July we went sea dooing on Lake Sammamish. I had fun cutting and tearing waves and clouds from this assortment of blue and white and cardstock. Check me out using glitter cardstock! Glitter is not my favorite :) but I thought it'd be appropriate here for "sparkling" water and clouds. I also busted out a blue crayon underneath the journaling. I forgot how fun crayons can be!

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  1. WOW!! 50 comments on that last post!! I will let one of them win! my my you are very popular! Get back to work :) How is the Receptionist job? Thats cool you can blog at work. I am off today YAY!

  2. Wait what does the fine print say on the layouts? I guess my eyes are getting bad already.... and when I click to enlarge the picture doesnt get any bigger.

    p.s. I looove both of these layouts I can't decide which one I like better.. I might have to duplicate the second one :)

  3. I love the waves on the second layout. So cool!


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