The One with Huntington Beach

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm so behind reading my Google Reader blog list. But next week I'll have all the time in the world so I plan to get all caught up then. If I read your blog, expect a comment soon :)

I woke up this morning to the fresh smell of burning bush. I hear it's one of the four seasons of California. The others are like earthquakes, mudslides, and something else. LOL.After we dropped Chris off at USC, Allie, Jay, and I headed to Huntington Beach.
The USA Surfing Championship was going down. How serendipitous. Not that I surf or anything, it was just fun to watch especially since I forgot a book to read.From 11 year old girls to men in their 50's, it was amazing to see what these people can do on a board in the water. The Ruby's Diner at the end of the pier is so random. Why Ruby's? I mean, it's good food and all, but the one I usually go to at Redmond Town Center isn't something to write home about. I'd think it would be like a, like a, I don't even know. Some really expensive and hoity toity restaurant. Then again, maybe this Ruby's is really expensive and hoity toity.
Here's Allie having the time of her life. She actually did have a good time, despite the expression on her face here.
I got burned. Real bad. Like 2nd degree burned. I thought I had a pretty good base and could last five hours in the sun. Not so much. I'm a flippin' lobster. You could probably cut me up and eat me. But please don't.
Not even the sweatshirt could save me. Bring on the aloe vera.
Allie and I went and saw The Time Traveler's Wife. I cried the entire second half of the movie. 9 out of 10. I loves it.
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