The One with Pizza Overload

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I ate Little Caesars pizza for dinner on Friday night. I ate 5 Buck pizza for lunch on Saturday. I ate leftover 5 Buck pizza for lunch on Monday. I ate even more leftover 5 Buck pizza for lunch on Tuesday (today). And tomorrow I am eating Papa John's pizza at my going away party. Good thing I love pizza huh?


  1. Can't complain about pizza. At least it's not fish.

  2. I fully believe we play a large part in sustaining the pizza industry!! My husband is crazy about it. We eat a lot of pizza!
    I am definitely looking forward to Harry Potter World... have you seen the artist renderings?
    I think there is a Three Broomsticks... not sure what the menu will include! But I hope there's butterbeer!

  3. And your figure never falters.. how is this fair?? lol, Now you need a Hungry Howies.. mm mm delish!!! ;)


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