The One with More Packing

Friday, August 21, 2009

We picked up the moving truck Friday morning.We stopped off at the Warners and took out all of our stuff (mostly holiday decorations) from up under their house.
We packed and packed and packed and packed and packed and packed and packed until lunch. Then I met up with the American Crafts gang one last time. Every single design team member was there at Apple Spice ('cept Ben - Ben, where were you?!?!) which meant so much to me. Bye Alisha, Lindsey, Courtney, Richard, David, Jen, Clairice, and Nichole! I miss you so much already it's not even funny!The rest of the night was oh so much fun. And when I say oh so much fun, I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. Packing is the opposite of fun. But what can ya do.

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  1. next time can i make weird face? it would have been better then my smile in this picture...

    hehe, justin just walked in and said, "wow, great picture babe." in a VERY sarcastic tone....

    miss you.


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