The One with Fire and the White Coat Ceremony

Friday, August 28, 2009

These fires are scaring me.
They're a little too close for comfort.
They're visible and smellable from miles away.
I dragged Chris and Allie up the hill for a long ways to try and get a better view of the fires, but we gave up and turned around. This is the best I've got.

But the real and more important point of this post. It was Chris' White Coat Ceremony tonight. Basically it's just a welcome to USC, congrats, you're a Trojan now, "fight on!" We all exclaimed out loud as we were walking to the building: that's a whole lotta bikes. It's how the majority of students get from point A to point B.
This is Tommy Trojan. I don't know the background story or anything, I'm sure Chris does. I'm sure Google does too.

Here are all the students in their fresh white coats, reading the oath.There's my Chris!
He's such a goofball.
We met another young LDS couple living in Pasadena: Ryan and Melissa. Good times are sure to come.
Congrats again Chris. Love you!


  1. love Pasadena, you picked a beautiful town to live in. Hopefully you wiil get to go to the rose bowl swap meet, that is such a treat!

  2. Sorry I have been a bad commenter's because every time I leave the bathroom, I am afraid of throwing up on something! =) Just sayin'.

    I am so glad that you made it there safely, and it looks like you are already makin' lots of friends.

    Congrats and all that good stuff!

  3. The white coat sure makes it look official. I'm very proud of Chris. Those fires look amazing and scary. Thanks, Pailge, for schlepping Allie all over the planet for the last 2 weeks. You're the best big sister in the WORLD!!!!

  4. yay for the white coat ceremony! he is official!'ll get used to the fires :) don't worry, they won't be able to burn down your apartment. you'll just have asthma for a week.

  5. Paige - can you e-mail me? I need to ask you something! You can find me e-mail on the right side of my blog! Thank you! :-D

  6. Chris looks like a born dentist!

  7. they look so profesh in their coats!

    Theres nothing like the smell of smoke all day everyday for a week straight!

  8. Yay Chris!!! Congrats! Keep up the good work. :)

  9. It looks like you are having a lot of fun. I love your apartment it looks so nice. That is great. You are so creative. I was thinking about asking you to make some sort of book to commemorate Alli's 1st 2 years. It is her birthday October 17th. Any ideas? I looks at some of your neat books and wondered how hard or how expensive something like that would be.


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