The One with the Graduation, Birthday, and Wedding Dinner

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lots of people getting their 15 minutes of fame today!

First off was my Christopher. He had his convocation at the DeJong concert hall in the HFAC with all of the other Fine Arts and Communication graduates.There he is walking across the stage to get his diploma. I'm so proud of him!
One week 'til school begins again. No breaks for you m'dear!
After the ceremony we wanted to give everyone a glimpse of Chris' pen collection. He was so excited to participate in show-and-tell. He walked up the stairs and opened the cupboard containing his wonderful collection and said, "There it is!" Except, there it wasn't. His entire collection, months and months of findings, were GONE. His boss, whom Chris had shown his pen collection to on his last day, had removed them! How stinkin' rude!

We came home around eleven a.m. and my sweet sister was still fast asleep. The life of a teenager.
Next on the list of this day of fun: my dad's 50th birthday party lunch! I made an invitation and mailed it out to all of our family and a few friends a couple months back. The lunch was a success, if I do say so myself. Lots of people happened to be in town. Unfortunately my dad's parent's plane was delayed to Hawaii (aw, shucks!), but fortunately that meant they got to come celebrate their son's 50th birthday.
We had yummy sandwiches, a smattering of fruit and some delicious cookies.
Happy 50th Birthday Dald!
Here's Sneakers, looking at me with those begging eyes that say, "Feed me, feed me!"
Sneakers has his eye on the prize.

After lunch we came home to find our neighbor's cat sprawled across our bench. I changed his name from Simba to 2D - pronounced Tootie - because he's 2-dimensional cuz he's so skinny.

The last event of the day was up in Salt Lake at the Grand America Hotel for Sara Jayne and Tyler's pre-wedding dinner. I had never been there before and I must say I was quite impressed.
Chris and Paige. 8/14/09.
The fam. Chris, Paige, Malm, Dald, Eric, Allie.
This was even my very first formal wedding dinner. I gotta get out more...
Check out this chandelier. It's large and in charge.
12 hours til marriage and counting!
Oh em gee I wanted Sara Jayne's shoes so badly. Aren't they divine?
I would wear them every day.


  1. you and your sis have such cute style! i love her dress!

  2. Where did she get those shoes? I want them too!

  3. Great pics, Pailge! I hope Chris gets behind the mystery of the missing pens and does some serious venting. That was the saddest moment of the entire weekend. Absolutely devastating. But, the graduation was awesome, the bday party was awesome and the wedding dinner was awesome. It kinda makes up for the pen thing (but not really).


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