The One with Our Last Day of Work (Forever!...Haha, We Wish)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today was my last day of working as an In-House Scrapbooker/Product Designer at American Crafts. Don't even get me started, I've already balled to myself, my husband, and my mom.Here is part of the email I sent to my co-workers because I just don't think I can write anything better:

I'm not so good at goodbyes so I'll try my darndest to say the things that I want to say. These last 20 months have flown by. You know what they say, time flies when you're having fun. I have loved working with each and every one of you. This truly has been my dream job and I have fulfilled my lifelong goal and favorite words to live by: choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life. There is some amazing talent all up in here at AC. I'm so excited to see what you guys come up with next - the lines ya'll have been working on these last couple weeks are A.MA.ZING. Thank goodness I'll still have my foot in the door via the Contributing Design Team. If I were being cut cold turkey from AC, I think I'd die.

Hope everyone has a fabulous life! Keep me updated via blogs/facebook, but not twitter :)

Miss you, love you, bye!

Meanwhile, it was Chris' last day working as a janitor from 5AM-8AM (Yes. You read that right. A.M.) My how his pen collection has grown since March!

Chris has a final tomorrow morning at 11am and then his graduation from BYU is at 3pm. Yeah, he has a final on THE DAY he graduates. He has dragged this thing called college out til the bitter end.

To keep my thoughts on happy, positive things, my family is driving out from Washington as we speak. I mean as I write this. (DRIVE SAFE!!!!) And Chris' family is driving out here from Colorado tomorrow morning. Family is good.


  1. In my defense, the final is scheduled at that time. I didn't have any say. :)

  2. I hope he takes his pen collection with him. But he really should leave a couple, just to inspire the next guy =)

  3. Isn't your last day at AC very weird? It's like, why is everyone making all this fuss? I'll be in tomorrow! But you wouldn't, it's sad. Don't cry though. You'll do great in Cali!

  4. Wow! Good luck with all of the big changes coming up. And I agree, you should take the pen collection with you Chris, or do something cool with them...

  5. Awww... I know how hard it is to leave a job you love. When I left Disney, it was SO sad. I cried. I still cry some days, and it's been like seven years now. LOL.

    You'll be AWESOME in CA! (What are you doing again?! LOL.)

    And that pen collection... wow! Is he taking them with him, or leaving them?!

  6. OH MY WORD PAIGE... THAT IS A GRIP OF PINS lol! Now I know who to ask... if I ever need one! haha


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