The One with the Annual Evans Family Reunion Day 3

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Allie made a funny this morning. We were walking to the location of our family picture and as we were about to walk across this bridge she said, "Whelp...Chris..." Hardy har.
They hired a professional photographer to take our picture, but I had Allie snap a couple for me. Here we all are: Nick, Bethany, Peter, Tom, Margi, Andy, Avery, Drew, Cami (8.5 months pregnant with Luke), Chris, Paige, aaaand Jay.
Chris and Paige. 8.18.09.
Boys will be boys. Frolicking in the field.
The river under the bridge totally reminded me of the chocolate river in the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. It was brown just like chocolate. Yum. Or something.
Trudging back to the vehicular devices.
Later in the afternoon we went on a super strenuous and laborious hike. We had to walk through pretty flower fields,
tall grassy trees,
and slippery red mud.
So the hike wasn't so much strenuous or laborious. In fact, it was mostly flat and shaded the whole time. I like hiking Evans style. As does Allie.
We saw some pretty sights.
And we saw some frogs of some sort. Allie was brave enough to hold one of them.
Usually Allie jumps at the chance to have her picture taken at every opportunity and begs whoever has a camera to snap away, but I had to ask her if she wanted her picture taken on these rocks 'neath the aspens. She obliged thank you very much.
On the way home from the outing, Denver experienced another torrential thunderstorm. It didn't last long though. Just enough for everyone to enjoy it and then the sun came back out.
Doggies don't like thunderstorms.
Tomorrow, we're going camping. I doubt the woods have wireless so I probably won't get to blog about it for a couple days. Patience is a virtue!


  1. Oooh! Loved all the photos. And that is SO Colorado... torrential downpour one minute; beautiful, sunny skies the next! LOL.

    My Ruby HATES thunderstorms. Amber doesn't mind *so* much. But poor Ruby... she loses control of her bladder... tee hee.

  2. Love the pictures!!! My Christopher would be so jealous of your frog sighting. :)

  3. First off, I believe that the proper term was we went on a Nature Walk. Second, you forgot to mention Jay's death defying encounter with a rattlesnake!


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