The One with the Annual Evans Family Reunion Day 4

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We left Foxfield around noon, made a few stops (gas, Wal-Mart, a too packed to even bother Taco Bell, said good-bye to Nicole), and eventually made our way to Dotsero to begin our bike ride through Glenwood Canyon to our campgrounds at No Name.
Allie's always ready to be outside.
It was such a pretty bike ride. Greenery and mountains galore. Mostly down hill. What more could you ask for?
We rode along or underneath the freeway the whole time. I prayed fervently that it wouldn't collapse on us. I'm a worry wart.
I love the smell of nature. It gives me such a rush of endorphins.

Allie says, "Ditto." Well, she didn't actually say that, but I bet she would if I asked her. Actually, she would probably just say, "Me too."
The last 100 yards of the ride were straight up hill. Talk about a brutal ending! We set up camp as soon as we got to the site.Earlier in the morning we each made a hobo dinner: potatoes, meat, carrots, onions and seasoning. Jay cooked them in the pit while Chris, his dad, Allie, and I ran some errands.
What's not to love? Potatoes? Good. Meat? Good. Carrots? Good. Onions? Good. Seasoning? Good.
My Shmallie.Me and my mini me.
The sunset was spectacular. Once it got dark Chris and I gazed up at the stars and traced the path of the Milky Way.
We cooked some s'mores for dessert. Yummy in my tummy.
Soooo, at the end of my last post I said I probably wouldn't be able to blog because woods don't have wireless. How wrong I was. Do you see the niceness of these bathrooms? This is my kind of camping.
Showers? Heck yes!
There was also a laundry facility and internet cafe on site. I so could have blogged. But I was way too tired.

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