The One with the Yard Sale

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I co-hosted my very first ever yard sale at my grandparent's house this morning. My cousin Sara Jayne and her soon-to-be-husband Tyler are going to be living in their basement and are wanting to get it spick and span before they move in in two weeks. So we all went up into my grandparent's attic, pulled out things that we've been hoarding and collecting dust that we didn't want anymore and sprawled it all across the lawn.We put out clothes.
And a whole lot more clothes. And "Shoes."
I covered a table with a box full of cards I've made over the years and sold them for 50 cents a pop. I made a hefty dent in my collection which is nice. Not as much to move coming up here way too fast. I had the privilege to meet Strider (named straight from the Lord of the Rings). He's the cutest little four year old boy on the face of the planet.
I seriously wanted to borrow him for a day or two or forever and exploit him as a Crew Cuts model (the kid's versions of J. Crew).
I'll probably never see him ever again, but he is now memorialized here forever on my blog.
Everything that didn't sell was put on a table with a "free" sign in front and all the clothes are being donated to Deseret Industries.
We made a few bucks. Every little bit helps right?

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  1. Hold up! Your *first* yard sale?! I love yard sales. We did them all the time growing up, and we had so much fun! My dad always ended up selling stuff without our permission. They usually ended in tears, but we did like the money! LOL.

    And yeah, I can *totally* see that kid as a CrewCuts model! I LOVE their stuff.

    And *your* cards for $0.50 a piece?!?! Sheesh! People didn't know the awesome deal they were getting! :D


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