The One with the Missing Dishes

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whelp. I've unpacked the last of our boxes except for the decorative picture frames. That's my final project for tomorrow then I'll finally be able to post pictures of our second apartment. Just for you Malm, quit your buggin'! :) I was sure that amidst my dozens of scrapbooking boxes (you should have seen how much American Crafts stuff I purchased before I's embarrassing!) I would find our eight missing bowls.

You see, I eat at least one bowl of cereal per day, sometimes two. Lately I've been on a kick of Frosted Mini Wheats (Malt-O-Meal brand) for breakfast and something sugary like Frosted Flakes (Malt-O-Meal brand again) or Ohs for dessert. Chris usually has a bowl of cereal for breakfast too and occasionally he'll splurge and have another bowl for dinner or dessert. So we're talkin' at least 2-4 bowls used on a daily bases (sometimes more if we have pasta for dinner, which happens more than I'd like to admit), times 7 days a week and that's 14-28+ bowls used weekly. That's a whole lotta bowls. That's a whole lotta loads of dish washing.

We had 12 bowls at one point. I realized today where our 8 missing bowls are: in the dishwasher at our old apartment...duh... We ran a load before we moved and never thought to check it again. I wonder why the new tenants haven't emailed us about them...but no matter. I've moved on to bigger and better dishes. Lo and behold:If I didn't know any better, I'd say they look like they're from Anthropologie because of the colors and what not. Lucky for me, they were on clearance from Target. Run run run, they might have some left at your Target!I saw them and fell in love. Instantly. Match made in heaven. Me + Dishes = <3
One particularly great thing about these dishes is they coordinate with our old set of dishes so I've mixed-n-matched them together.
My Grandma Cathie has a different set of dishes every time we go over there to eat, so I don't feel too bad about getting another set. Priorities people. One must eat and if one must eat it might as well be in style :)
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