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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The cat is out of the bag! Though I will sorely, beyond words, miss working as a designer/in-house scrapbooker at American Crafts (I can't even think about it or I'm gonna start crying), I am proud to be a new member of the American Crafts Contributing Design Team. There are some fantastically talented women out there.

Returning Members for 2009-2010

Amy Tan from Culver City, CA
Doris Sander from Hermitage, TN
Jen Jockisch from Manito, IL
Kelly Purkey from Brooklyn, NY
Moon Ko from Versailles, KY
Nichole Duenke from Orville, OH
Shannon Zickel from Louisville, KY
Susan Weinroth from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Wendy Sue Anderson from Heber City, UT
Belinda Venables from South Australia, Australia
Kathy Thompson Laffoley from New Brunswick, Canada
Melanie Louette from Quebec, Canada

New Members for 2009-2010
Amber Ulmer from Nashville, TN
Beth Proudfoot from Lebanon, NJ
Danielle Layton from Alexandria, VA
Dustin Nakamura from Rocklin, CA
Elizabeth Carney from St. Petersburg, FL
Holly Hanks from Cameron, NC
Katrina Simeck from Colchester, VT
Martha Bonneau from Crystal Lake, IL
Mary Jo Johnston from West Lafayette, IN
Paige Evans from South Pasadena, CA (THAT'S ME! Though I'm still in Provo, UT at the moment...)
Kim Arnold from Bulli, Australia
Kim Watson from Cape Town, South Africa
Loredana Bucaria from Naples, Italy
Piradee from Singapore

One of the requirements for being on the team is posting two layouts to an online website like twopeas or every month. I have never ever posted my layouts online before so that will be a fun, new experience. It will also get me to scrapbook at least twice a month. Truth be told, I haven't scrapbooked at home for fun, on my own time, in years. Gasp! I scrapbook for work at home often, but that's not the same. I got so far behind in my personal scrapbooking, then I got two jobs that revolved around scrapbooking, that in my free time, I sorta just didn't wanna scrapbook ya know? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE scrapbooking, it's been my life since I was 16. Anyways, I'm babbling. The point is, I'm so happy to be on the ACCDT so at least a small part of me can still belong to American Crafts even after I'm gone. In just one week. Waaaaaaah.

Nothing new to share, still have to get them photographed. So here are some oldies, but goodies:
I <3 AC


  1. Big congrats to you on the AC design team! Sounds like it will be a change, but a good one! I hope that your transition will go smoothly! And hey, no spiders in my box. I mean it. :)

  2. you totally made me cry... seriously i don't know how i will come to work everyday. i mean, what is the point without paige?


    can we be friends forever?

  3. Well, at least we still get to see your AC loveliness. :D Yay!

    I LOVE these layouts. Totally awesome. And you've never posted at 2Peas or! Wow. So which one are you gonna choose? I actually post at both, but I really do consider my online scrappy home. :) I scrapped their first, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. :)

  4. It's got to be hard to leave! But that's so great you'll still be part of the AC team - I'm excited to see what you do each month. :) Good luck on your move!

  5. I want thank your boss and friends at AC for giving you the opportunity to work at such an awesome place. It's been so much fun, as your mom, to see you so happy in your job. You've been so lucky! I'm glad you'll have the chance to work with them as a member of the contributing design team. AND, I'm going to miss your family discount!!!!!!

  6. I'm gonna miss your bright smiling face every morning. :(

  7. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog, Paige! Yep, the blue frosting does turn your mouth a little blue. Luckily, I didn't eat them all. I pawned them off to my kids and friends! I think you will enjoy living in Pasadena. Make sure you make it to the Rose Bowl Parade! I have always wanted to go!


  8. Hey Paige...congrats on making the AC team! Hope the transition goes smoothly for you! Looking forward to getting to know ya better!
    Have a super day!

  9. Love the DT list and so happy you'll be a part of the team, Paige! So happy for you! Hugs!

  10. So excited for you! Congratulations.

  11. Paige you made the team!!! LOL
    So cool. Sad though the new girls will be missing out, you were an awesome DT Coordinator.
    I'll definitely miss being on the team.
    Have fun with your new position. :) I know you will.
    PS Awesome pages! :)

  12. I was so happy to see your name on the list, girl! Glad you'll still be designing with AC even if it is in Cali!

  13. Congrats!! I just love your AC work! Glad I will get to still see it!

  14. Congrats!! Just found your blog. LOVE your style.
    Did you make or buy those flowers in the LO above?

  15. Excited for you and to see what you'll be doing :). Must be hard to move but scrapping will always be in your life.. so go you! :)

  16. Congrats on staying with AC!
    I have found I have to make my "work" layouts (I work at a scrapbooking store, so I make product samples, AND we have a scrapbooking "club" where I make still more samples, and then I answer calls. :) )my personal LO's... if I am not scrapping something due, I am not scrapbooking, so everything I create is usually a "3-fer". :) A call and sample AND a picture I wanted to get scrapped!

    Love your LO's! Glad your still with AC!! :)


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